Beautiful Flowers 

At Charisma Flowers & Gifts, we believe that fresh flowers never go out of style. We are Pharr’s premier floral shop. We pride in providing unique, and custom made arrangements. At Charisma Flowers & Gifts, we are different than most typical flower shops. Unlike many local flower shops, we are not members of national chains. Therefore, we have complete control of our designs.

We primarily carried two types of flowers: “FRESH FLOWERS” and “PRESERVED FLOWERS.” In essence, preserved flowers are natural flowers that have been freshly cut and protected to extend their beauty and vase life. Click Here to learn more about preserved flowers.



flowers FROM?

We believe in buying our flowers directly from growers located in the US and South America to deliver the highest quality. Buying directly from the grower, gives us the ability to offer you the freshest flower with longer vase life compare to other local shop in the Rio Grande Valley.

We also believe in sourcing plant material from sustainable farms that practice fair trade and respect organic farming.

Featured Collection

Express your feelings with a viizzii vase

The viizzii vase collection features LED lights to display your custom message on this modern vase. Show your loved one exactly how you feel. Showcase a stunning and beautiful bouquet along with your thoughts. Let us help you create a unique one of a kind experiences.

Unique and beautiful vases

The Farmgirl Flowers Modern Farmhouse Collection is a nod to the roots of this fearless Farmgirl, but adds an upscale polish to contemporary stoneware. The textural play of satin and matte between the clay body and glaze keeps this collection feeling farm fresh. 

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